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Jan Carrington and Penny Bennett met on a pilot for a new Image/Stylist course approximately 6 years ago. They were selected for their expertise in the subject and the Director of the Training Company wanted their feedback on the validity and gravitas of the course prior to delivering to other image professionals. During the course they were paired together for an assignment and instantly clicked. They bonded over their love of fashion and their fascination with the way we all choose to present ourselves.

There are clear synergies between Jan and Penny's brand values; the importance of authenticity, constant evolution and a pure joy for what they do. There is a real trust and honesty between them and it was a natural progression for them to combine their expertise and work together. 

The idea to start Own It came to fruition after seeing a gap in the market for contemporary, engaging and integrated Executive Presence, Branding and Image sessions with broad appeal that delivered results. From speaking to their corporate contacts and being approached by various networking groups, Jan and Penny knew there was an appetite for development in this arena and identifying those key characteristics that will set themselves, their employees and their businesses apart from the competition.  

Why two is more powerful than one

As a partnership Jan and Penny are a unique and formidable offering with wide appeal. That is the energy that sets them apart.

They bring over 26 years of combined experience working in both the corporate and the creative sectors.  This gives them a comprehensive perspective that has allowed them to deliver solutions that are compelling, progressive and resourceful.

With their innate ability and fervid passion for Executive Presence, Branding and Image they will inspire and motivate you and your staff to take their personal brand to the next level. 


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About Us


executive presence and branding expert

Jan Carrington

Jan works as a Personal Brand and Impact Consultant creating a space for clients to develop and maximise their own presence and impact. Her unique approach draws on over 15 years consulting experience within the private and public sectors. Jan’s consulting style, married with extensive corporate background both in the UK, East and South Asia, Middle East, Continental Europe and the USA has honed her natural intuition and flexibility of approach which allows her to work effectively with all levels within an organisation.

Jan has over 7 years experience working within the career management and transition space. Including 5 years as an Associate with LHH and subsequently LHHPenna.



Image and personal branding expert

Penny Bennett

Penny is an award winning Image Professional who advises clients, from businessmen to busy working mums, how to make the best of their image, enhance their personal brand and gain confidence to achieve their professional and personal goals. Penny has helped shape the image of some of TV's hottest stars, been described by Grazia magazine as having a ‘faultless eye’ and been interviewed about professional image on the national radio station, Talk Radio. 

Penny has worked with a broad range of organisations to enhance the career development of their staff and to help them reach their full potential. Penny has delivered image training programmes to some of the UK’s top high street brands and taught at London College of Fashion. Her list of clients includes The Leading Hotels of the World, The London Business School, Investec, River Island and Topshop.